Sword Art Online Silica Cospla Cosplay Costume All Sizes Custom Made

Sword Art Online Silica Cospla Cosplay Costume All Sizes Custom Made

Red armour, embellished with golden bordures, together with arm cover
White chest-protector made of heavy uniform cloth, durable and air permeable
Black undergarment made of knit, soft and comfortable to wear
Black skirt with golden bordures
Broad red waistband with golden bordures and a black belt round the waist


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

The new is coming~

I feel so good that everything seems getting better.

Well,in such a grand festival,you must have some lovely parties to go.

I wanna to enjoy some beautiful cospaly costumes with you.

Wish you will like them~ 

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Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Recon Corps Cosplay Costume All Sizes Custom Made



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Sword Art Online represents everything wrong with Japanese animation right now.

Sword Art Online represents everything wrong with Japanese animation right now. No, seriously – and this isn’t because the show is irredeemably bad or anything. Rather it takes a decent premise and over the course of twenty-five episodes proceeds to waste pretty much every last scrap of potential this premise offers up. 

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Every time the plot presents an opportunity to explore a compelling moral dilemma, to better develop someone who could be an interesting character, to think about the implications of some new aspect of the world the writers have created, the show sidelines it without fail in favour of an easy out. This is what happens when you pander to a core audience of unrepentant nerds; the big questions never get answered, characters show neither growth nor depth and the world never gets explained in anything beyond lazy, formulaic clichés.

sword art online cosplay costumes

The plot is familiar territory, a near-future setting where the invention of fully immersive virtual reality means videogames have taken a staggering technological leap forward. The massively multiplayer epic fantasy world Sword Art Online has just come out of beta testing and thrown open its doors to the public. Thousands of players are taking their first halting steps through the game’s early stages, only when they try to log out they discover something’s gone terribly wrong. 

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Their headsets won’t let them log out, and the software’s been wired to kill anyone who dies in-game. If they’re forcibly removed, they die too. The only way to escape is to defeat the final boss – but persuading enough people to work together to get this done proves to be no easy task.

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The audience surrogate is Kirito, a shy young man who’s on familiar ground, to some extent, as an avid games player and a former beta tester for Sword Art Online. Painfully conscious of the drawbacks that come with being so much more skilled than most of the hoi-polloi, after an early attempt to make friends goes disastrously wrong Kirito takes to throwing himself into the fray solo, shunning human contact as much as possible.

Battles in ARR are very fast and fluid.

Battles in ARR are very fast and fluid. Certain roles, like Monk, rely on positioning and are constantly moving around the battlefield in order to maximize damage output. My main character class is a Bard, a ranged Damage Per Second (DPS) class that doesn’t rely on positioning. When not in an intense fight (i.e. against random field enemies) combat tends to feel a bit simple, essentially tapping the 2 key until that thing I’m targeting dies.

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However, in the bigger fights combat is lively and intense. Movement is almost always necessary for each class, as enemies will use large Area of Effect (AoE) attacks that you do NOT want to be caught standing in. It’s also important to manage your Enmity, or “aggro,” as most know it as. Whether you’re a healer, DPS, or the tank, you’ll want to monitor how much Enmity you’re generating, which is conveniently displayed to the player on-screen.

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There are also many fights that spice things up a bit and help break any sort of monotony that would normally set in. For example, there’s a battle in one of the dungeons that requires players to aggro Bombs and then draw them close to the enemy, forcing them to explode and damage the enemy. It may not be the most intricate battle in a videogame ever, but it’s an excellent change of pace that happens quite often in dungeons.

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Yes, A Realm Reborn does have multiple “Kill X of Y” and other uninspired quest designs. In fact, it’s got an entire system dedicated to these quests! You can get quests a few different ways: from the story, from random NPCs, from Levemetes, or FATEs (more on these later). 

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The Levemetes are the uninspired ones, mostly used for leveling up alternate classes and crafts. If at all possible, I’d recommend avoiding combat Levequests at all costs, lest you scrape your eyes out of their sockets due to sheer boredom.

It goes without saying that the Final Fantasy series is an institution in the gaming world.

It goes without saying that the Final Fantasy series is an institution in the gaming world. Though the series has spawned innumerable spin-off and sequel franchises, nothing galvanizes fans quite like the enumerated series. Final Fantasy XIII is no exception, and on launch night, fans appeared in droves to pick up this new entry in the series. 

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As the first numbered title to appear on a current-generation console, and the only Final Fantasy game to launch on two consoles simultaneously, it is safe to say that expectations are high for this title. Whether it delivers on those expectations, however, depends on what you expect of an RPG.
The Final Fantasy series has always been renowned for its powerful storylines. Final Fantasy XIII opens with a mysterious explosion on a train, and gives the player just enough information through multiple perspectives to reveal the story. While the beginning is very confusing, I appreciate the fact that nothing is spelled out concretely, and the player has to figure out what is going on by putting the pieces together themselves. 

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Longtime fans may recognize this mechanic from Final Fantasy VI. However, because there are so many characters, players can expect to spend a lot of the beginning watching cutscenes instead of doing battle. Although long and frequent cutscenes at the game’s opening may sound like par for the course for a Final Fantasy game, there are some huge differences that come into play rather quickly. 

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For instance, in the beginning of the game (while you are switching perspectives) you can’t level up or customize your character. In fact, you have to wait till almost four hours into the game to do anything involving a party, your character’s stats, or party tactics. 

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Although this sort of beginning is great for setting up the game’s plot, if you are expecting to jump right into battle or wanting to do some preliminary grinding, you will be sorely disappointed. Enemies will fight you, but you’ll be limited to one or two attacks, and their onslaught won’t net you any experience you can use later (since leveling is disabled in the first few levels).

Evangelion defies common stereotypes.

Evangelion is an anime which defies common stereotypes and conventions to take the viewer on a ride to the depths of the human psyche and the limits of sanity. It is a roller coaster trip through the psychological disorders and subconscious self loathing deep within the mind of director Anno Hideaki. 

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Unfortunately, while Evangelion has excellent characters and an amazing story, it suffers from critical flaws which can be directly linked to budget concerns in the late stages of production along with an absolutely wretched ending. Nonetheless, Neon Genesis Evangelion is the series that would revolutionize and redefine anime for the next 10 years.

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Many futuristic mecha-based anime survive on the creative and awe inspiring design of their mecha; however, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a different kind of anime. While the mecha are certainly original and cool looking, Eva does not rely on aesthetics alone. What separates Eva from 95% of other mecha anime is its excellent story. Using the concept of god is not an entirely new idea… yet Eva takes religious symbolism and philosophy to new levels or depths, depending on your perspective.

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But in order fo the story to progress, the characters must be present. Throughout the series, each character grows and matures into a wholly new person; and while it is not easy to identify with a Gendo or a Fuyutsuki, most of the characters draw some basic empathy from the viewers. By the same token, the characters would not have been what they are without excellent seiyuu. The voice crew never failed to bring out the soul of even the smallest side characters.

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Most people believe that the fact that the series went over budget was what stopped Evangelion from being truly great; and, sadly, they are correct. Latter episodes featured excessive fanservice which was indubitably used to draw viewers’ attention away from the massive flaws that were becoming more and more apparent in Eva, thanks to budget problems. Gratuitous nudity began to appear in several episodes in the second half of the series. Though it was a huge contributor, the money issues are not the only thing that stoppedEvangelion from being truly epic.

Kirito questions if their relationship is real or not

Kirito and Asuna have finally been able to have an absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath since Kirito nearly got’s his ass KILLED. So with their new freedom they take out to one of the more quiet and lower levels and buy a house for themselves after getting “married” (so they can get their fuuuuuck onnnnn!).

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But Kirito questions if their relationship is real or not because SAO is just a game, striking a nerve with Asuna. She tell’s him that every bit of their love is real and once they return to the real world they’ll find each other again and it’ll all stay the same. Asuna suggests they do something so they take a stroll in the forest while she sits on Kirito’s shoulders. As their walking he tell’s Asuna about a ghost stories that have supposedly attacked people and were never seen again.

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Asuna starts freaking the fuck out when she see’s a white shadow walking along the trees and uses her high skilled vision to zoom in on the figure. Asuna points out to Kirito there is a strange white figure walking around and it collapses as soon as they notice. Kirito realizes that it’s not a ghost but a little girl and runs to save her. The fact that she has no cursor they wonder what she could she possibly so they’re only option is to take the mysterious little girl into their home.

sword art online asuna cosplay costume


Since she doesn’t fit the part to be anything else but a player they wonder why a kid like her would be playing Sword Art Online. They believe that she must have logged on with her family but answers won’t be answered until she wakes up. Night comes and Asuna is still wondering who and what she could be. She feels sorry for the poor little thing for being all alone in a cruel game like SAO. Asuna cuddle’s up next to her like a mom would and giving her a faint and tiny smile… Morning is finally here and Asuna wakes up with the little girl staring at her dead in the eye.

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After waking up Kirito, Asuna immediately starts asking if she knew what happened to her. When shaking her head in exhaustion Asuna asks what her name is and tell’s her it’s Yui. The couple introduce themselves and try to see if she can tell them something like if she has a family with her or not, but unfortunately she has no memory of anything.